*All English names are tentative lmao

Reading List:

重生之至尊仙侣 (RSCB) Ch 303
盗墓之祭品 (Grave Robber’s Sacrifice) ch 10


魔道祖师 (Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation) ★★★★★★
天官赐福 (Heaven Official’s Blessing) ★★★★★
穿成炮灰之反派养成计划 (Transmigrating into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain Plan) ★★★★
人渣反派自救系统 (The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System) ★★★★
傳說之主的夫人 (Legendary Master’s Wife) ★★★★
为了仙界的和平 (For the Peace of the Immortal Realm) ★★★★
反派邪魅一笑 (A Smile from the Villain) ★★★★
谁敢说师兄的坏话 (Who Dares Slander my Senior Brother) ★★★
心魔 (Heart Demon) ★★★
妖孽哪里跑 (Evildoer, don’t run!)★★★

读者跟主角绝逼是真爱 (Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love) ★★★★★
夺梦 (Seizing Dreams) ★★★★★★

Slice of life (Campus)
夺梦 (Seizing Dreams) ★★★★★★
一代城草 (City Hunk of the Generation) ★★★★★★
撒野 (Go Wild) ★★★★★★
唇诺 (Promise Sealed with Our Lips)★★★★★
不熟 (Unfamiliar with You) ★★★★
拯救校草的那些日子 (Those Days I Spent Saving the School Hunk) ★★★★
我有一双姻缘眼 (I Can See Red Strings of Fate) ★★★★
今生我要做好人 (I Want to be a Good Person in This Life)★★

Slice of life (Other)
桃花汛 (Blooming Romance) ★★★★
我掰弯了男神 (I turned the Male God Gay) ★★★★
戎先生的失恋日记 (Mr Rong’s Lovelorn Diary) ★★★★
你的光芒 (Your Light) ★★★

神级召唤师 (God Level Summoner) ★★★★
就等你上线了 (Waiting For You Online) ★★★★

World-hopping/Quick wear
快穿之打脸狂魔 (Quickly Wear The Face of the Devil)★★★

Want to read:

非常关系 (Unordinary Relationship)
死亡万花筒 (Death’s Kaleidoscope)
黄历史 (Huang Lishi)
伪装学渣 (Pretending to be Slag Students)

Terms I use to search for new raws to read:

耽美 – danmei
小说 – novel
推荐 – recommendation
虐 – self-torture/angst/dogblood
甜 – sweet/fluff

主攻 – MC = gong
主受 – MC = shou
互攻 – gong x gong
互受 – shou x shou

Time period
现代/都市 – modern/city
古色古香 – ancient
幻想未来 – fantastical future

爱情 – romance
奇幻 – fantasy
仙侠 – xianxia
游戏 – gaming

悲剧 – tragedy
正剧 – serious drama
爆笑/喜剧 – comedy
轻松 – light/relaxed
爽文 – feel good novels

快穿 – quick wear
甜文 – sweet/fluff
穿书 – transmigration into book
重生 – rebirth
娱乐圈 – entertainment circle
系统 – system
穿越时空 – transmigration through time periods eg. ancient to modern times
仙侠修真 – xianxia cultivation
生子 – mpreg
星际 – interstellar
情有独钟 – devotion to only one person i.e. super faithful MC/ML eg. how Hua Cheng loved Xie Lian for 800 years
豪门世家 – wealthy family
校园 – campus
末世 – apocalypse
美食 – food/delicacies
青梅竹马 – childhood sweethearts
超级英雄 – superhero
破镜重圆 – MC and ML were separated at first due to misunderstanding/miscomm etc. but then reunited xx years later
异能 – special abilities
性别转换 – change of gender
打脸 – face slapping
直播 – streaming
都市情缘 – modern city love
现代架空 – modern new world i.e. author uses modern settings but with a different kind of world/reality than the one we know now
古穿今 – transmigration from ancient to modern times
前世今生 – past life and current life
复仇虐渣 – revenge and torturing scums
海贼王 – pirates
古代幻想 – ancient fantasy
血族 – vampire
死神 – shinigami/death god
恋爱合约 – love contract
萌宠 – moe pampering i.e. just a lot of fluff and pampering

连载中 – ongoing
已完成 – completed

Note: These tags are taken from jjwxc advanced search options, if there are anymore feel free to let me know and I’ll add it to the list! Usually I’ll just search 耽美小说推荐 and add some random genre I feel like reading eg. 耽美小说校园推荐 (Danmei novels campus recommendation)