There’s only one person running DMlations i.e. me haha. I’m more commonly known by the name ‘Zryuu’ on forums/discord 🙂

Important notes on my translations:

1. I leave all forms of address untouched in dialogue. Outside of dialogue, I’ll mostly translate it to its english equivalent. So for eg. Laoshi = teacher, so in dialogue it’ll be translated as “Li Laoshi, do you…” while in narration it’ll be translated as “Teacher Li has a cat.” I do so because forms of address are important in the Chinese culture — how you address both yourself and the other party confers a kind of respect/disrespect. For those more used to Jap novels/mangas it’s similar to the different suffixes at the back of characters’ names like -sensei, -chan, -dono, -sama. So if the forms of address confuses you, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll clarify what the address means.

2. I translate onomatopoeia when necessary. This means that I don’t translate ALL onomatopoeia, but I do leave it in if I think it’s important. Recently I’ve decided to change some onomatopoeia into their English equivalents though bc I think the previous ones are a bit weird (but I’m too lazy to go change those…), but these onomatopoeia that I’m changing are mostly actual sounds.

3. I do leave in certain Chinese words that I find important, like ‘ba’. ‘Ba’conveys a lot of info on the speaker’s attitude/personality. It has a certain laziness/indirect tone to it, which can make the sentence sound lazier/softer.

4. Most of the time, I paraphrase my translations in a way that makes the most sense in English. But there are times when I leave my translations a bit…iffy to replicate the raws as best as I can. Because when it all boils down to it, I’m a translator, not an author, so what I’m trying to do is to get the author’s message across in the best way I can.

All in all my translations revolve around one principle: to get the meaning of the original author across as accurately as possible. I put in a lot of thought into every part of my translation — translating the Chinese words/sentence structure/tone etc. But with my release schedule…….sometimes quantity > quality TAT