When he went to school, He Nuo was still thinking about how he had forgotten to get Shi Yan to promise him not to cause trouble at school yesterday, so he was a bit worried. During second period, he was called out by his form teacher so that he could understand the situation better. He Nuo recounted the entire incident to him word for word. His teacher asked him what he planned to do — this stunned He Nuo, because he had never thought that his form teacher would ask him about what he wanted to do.

His form teacher had actually asked the class monitor and a few other students about the details in advance, and had heard the disgust in their voices when they talked about the vicious words that their geography teacher uttered yesterday. But he was a teacher after all, and he was his colleague, so not only would it be impossible to get him to apologise to He Nuo, but He Nuo would also have to admit that it was his fault in order for his teacher to regain the face that he had lost. The geography teacher already told him that if the student didn’t apologise to him in front of the whole class, then he would refuse to teach that class.

“I was at fault for being late yesterday, so I can apologise to Laoshi for that. But he would also need to apologise to me for his inappropriate insults that are unsuitable for someone of his status. I won’t have any other ideas in the future either, and I won’t cause trouble during Laoshi’s lessons, so I hope that Laoshi can teach us without bearing a grudge. That’s what I think.”

His form teacher didn’t know if he should call him naive or simple-minded. This beautiful student hasn’t talked much ever since the first time he stepped into class, and rarely comes into contact with his classmates. At first he thought that he felt inferior because he was a student who resumed classes, but after some time passed, he realised that this student simply possessed a kind of innate calmness and purity. He was totally unaffected by the outside world. So when he heard that the student was him, he had to ensure that he didn’t hear the name wrongly before he was surprised at his colleague’s capabilities.

“He Nuo, have you ever thought of the fact that he’s a teacher?” His form teacher said with great earnesty.

With keen insight, He Nuo had understood the insinuation behind those words. He looked straight at his form teacher with eyes as clear as spring until his form teacher had to avoid his gaze.

“It’s okay if I had to lose face, but I have parents. I don’t want my parents to lose their dignity. And I don’t think that apologising would cause him to lose face either. In fact, everyone will despise him if he doesn’t apologise.”

“Teacher Zhao (the geography teacher) has that kind of temper, plus he had to endure some grievances before class yesterday……..” The form teacher was combining both hard and soft tactics to get He Nuo to yield. He didn’t want to bully the one who owned those clear eyes, but he was helpless too. You have to sacrifice a pawn to save the castle, if anyone else were in his position they would handle this the same way — the form teacher explained in his own defence.

Unfortunately, He Nuo refused to yield. He never gave up on protecting his parents who had been implicated for no reason. They negotiated until the morning break exercises ended. The form teacher didn’t try to persuade He Nuo anymore; he never knew that this student could have such a stubborn side, so he lost his patience too and no longer felt like taking care of him. He only thought that this student doesn’t know what’s good for him, so he had to resort to his ultimate move — requesting assistance from his parents. The form teacher asked He Nuo to come to school with his parents in the afternoon.

He Nuo knew that if his parents came, then not only would he get beaten, but he would also be forced to apologise to Zhao Laoshi. His parents have always respected teachers as if they were gods — anything a teacher says must be right, so of course they would force him to admit that it was his fault. After his teacher said those words yesterday, He Nuo had begun to despise his character. When he thought about apologising to someone he despised, He Nuo wondered if he should just remain stubborn till the end.

During their third period, Shi Yan and gang had arrived at school. He had wanted to come right after he woke up, but after he talked to Wang Feng about that son of a bitch over the phone last night, Wang Feng insisted on following along, so he had to wait for him to pack up in the morning. But who knew this guy actually gave everyone else a call too and woke up all of those who were sleeping in, which was why they were so delayed.

Yesterday night, Shi Yan had already thought about how to resolve this issue. If he did as he wished, he would prefer to just drag that bastard out to beat him up. Then after he beats him up until his head was as swollen as a pig’s head, he would get him to apologise to He Nuo. But there were several problems with that method: firstly, it would be impossible for everyone to not know about it, so He Nuo’s younger twin brothers would definitely catch wind of it too, which meant that He Nuo’s family would know about it. Shi Yan understood that this would cause trouble for He Nuo. Secondly, both teachers and students would fear He Nuo after that. Although He Nuo rarely interacts with other people, Shi Yan was worried that he would be isolated. He couldn’t use force, but he couldn’t ignore it either, otherwise He Nuo would definitely suffer.

They asked around for the location of that teacher’s office, and found out that he had no classes right now. His office was the first room by the staircase on the fourth floor, so Shi Yan and gang found a target to practice their knife-throwing skills on. The teachers inside were either correcting homework, papers or writing up lesson plans. When they heard something scratch across the door, they didn’t think too much of it. But after a few “!!” sounds, someone thought it was a knock so he answered, “Come in.” But they didn’t see anyone appear. When they heard the same sounds again, the female teacher who was next to the door went to open it, then she was so frightened she shrieked in horror. The teachers all looked over one after the other. There was a circle drawn on the door with chalk, and there were a few knives stuck in the middle of the circle that were still trembling. Several tall guys stood a few metres away from the door as they laughed — they were still fiddling with the flying knives in their hands.

The guy who sat on the windowsill was both tall and handsome, yet he had a dark and evil smile on his face, “Zhao Laoshi has such a hot temper, would he like to do some exercise and play with us for a round or two?”

The Zhao Laoshi who sat far away from the door stiffened up. A teacher shut the door in a hurry. Most of them knew those students — they were all students who had great power and influence. The teachers didn’t dare to provoke them when they were still in this school, so now they were even less willing to engage in a dispute with them. The teachers all looked at Zhao Laoshi. His expression had already changed — his forehead was drenched in sweat and utter panic could be seen in his eyes. How was he supposed to know that the student he picked on would have them as backers? In his eyes, the He Nuo who was usually dressed so shabbily should be from a family at the bottom of the social ladder. Now he was both shocked and frightened, and didn’t have any opinion he wanted to exert at all.

Shi Yan and gang ignored the fact that they had closed the door. They wouldn’t go inside to drag that guy out; they simply continued to throw knives at their target with great accuracy, and one after the other, these knives stabbed straight into Zhao Laoshi’s heart. All the other teachers helped to make some suggestions — they could get the parents of those young masters to come over, or call the police. But these suggestions were all rejected one by one. Qiu Linsong, the only son of the public security commissioner was right outside their door, and the rest were either the only son or the only child in their family so they were all very treasured by their parents. Those parents would probably not stand on their side.

They ended up asking He Nuo’s form teacher and the teaching director of the high school department for help. The form teacher rushed over from his office on the fifth floor. He didn’t know that Shi Yan and He Nuo hadn’t met yet, and thought that Shi Yan and the rest were angry because they wanted to look for He Nuo’s parents. Thus, when he quickly promised not to look for He Nuo’s parents, he didn’t know that he had just added fuel to the flames. If he hadn’t returned by chance and He Nuo’s family managed to catch wind of this, then wouldn’t He Nuo have been bullied to death by the school and the people in his family? But since he was He Nuo’s form teacher, Shi Yan was still considerably polite with his words, though he still refused to give in.

T/N: Yes, in the Chinese culture teachers (and anyone who’s your senior) can not be wrong. Absolutely not. It’s irritating as heck. Also there was that part about how the form teacher was surprised at the teacher’s capabilities? I inferred it as how he was shocked that the Geography teacher could stir up the indifferent He Nuo

Throwing knives gif credits to Eve from Chrysanthemum Gardens:

We kept laughing over the gif and how apt it was for their knife throwing antics


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