(Transmigration) Demon King and Revered Martial【魔皇武尊】
Author: 衣落成火
Genres: Transmigration, Comedy, Xianxia
Chapters: 133 + 19 extras
Status: Completed
Translation Status: NIL (THIS NOVEL IS UP FOR GRABS!!!!)


Gu Bai has always thought that the stupidest thing he did was to listen to his good friend’s suggestion to become a stallion writer, and the most depressing thing he did was to turn his three young, male characters who were originally supposed to be good guys into the three big BOSSes……but afterwards he realised that it was far more than that.

Something like meeting the pervert that he personally wrote about……

Fuck!! He. Eats. People!!!

At this time, it could only change from eating people to getting “eaten”……ba.

In short, this is a story about a stupid author who wrote about the beginnings of a cannibal in a stallion novel, and ultimately failed to escape the whirlpool of fate (not really).

*cannibalism in this novel = consuming people’s jindans, not actually like eat eat them
** the word BOSS in the synopsis was written in English in the raws

My choppy ass synopsis:

MC transmigrates into the villain cannon fodder who’s the first to be killed when ML gets strong, and it’s a book he wrote. After MC transmigrates, first thing he wants to do is cultivate and stay the hell away from the protagonist (ML). He transmigrates into the body of the villain when he was pretty young, so he has a lot of time until the point in the story where he’s supposed to be killed. MC wanted to get some plant at the start to help his cultivation in the future and ends up meeting a beat up kid ML who he takes care of (at this point MC doesn’t know the kid is ML), and ML’s all like omg I have imprinted on you. Btw ML’s a friggin psycho. After their first meeting, they separate for like 10 years or so (it’s a time skip) while MC makes all these preparations and makes his city real good so that he wouldn’t meet/offend ML.

T/N: As you can see…… I procrastinated a little with a SMUTTY AND HILARIOUS AF CHAPTER HAHAHA. The MC in this novel is absolutely hilarious. He’s the typical facial paralysis type MC (he actually suffers from facial paralysis cause he didn’t want to blow his cover as a transmigrator which was pretty comedic itself) but his internal dialogues are THE BEST LOL. The following chapter is one of its smutty chapters (not the first chapter) that I translated for fun, and decided to just use it to start up a teaser cause why not.


DKRM Chapter 51

Qi Guanrui leaned in closer, and closer.

Gu Bai felt like he was staring at a gigantic python head that didn’t know where it should start biting him from first.

But no matter what, hopefully he’ll bite a place that wouldn’t hurt as much first ba, my nose isn’t half bad whaddaya think?

Crazy asshole!! Let Laozi’s handsome face off ah!!!

No! Laozhi definitely doesn’t want to see myself get eaten.

Gu Bai squeezed his eyes shut.

I don’t wanna admire the triumphant look of this victor hmph.

At this moment, Gu Bai felt a soft sensation on his forehead.

Gu Bai felt like something was amiss.

Afterwards, the soft sensation turned into a moist sensation that swept here and there between his eyebrows, swept here and……..swept to his eyelids.

What the fuck this is a tongue!!! Is he fucking licking me all over to see if I taste good??!?

Do you need to be in this much of a rush!!??

That tongue licked his eyelids, then licked his nose bridge, licked his nose bridge, then licked his cheeks……

He kept licking and licking and licked all over his face.

Gu Bai felt like a fish on a chopping block. It was as if he was undergoing an appraisal to decide which part of him would be the most delicious to start from.

This made him unable to restrain himself from shrinking back — it deeefinitely wasn’t because he was a coward, to not struggle with all my might is already a very amazing thing to do okay.

But doing something like smearing your saliva all over your food before you eat it is really unhygienic!! Gu Xiaoshan —— ah no you damn pervert was this how Laozi brought you up?!

Finally, the tongue licked Gu Bai’s lips.

This tickling sensation feels kinda ugghhh……

Gu Bai shrank back again.

After that, the person who was sprawled on top of him seemed to get a little angry.

His anger was so obvious that you didn’t even need to open your eyes to sense it please…

In the next moment, Gu Bai felt a stinging pain on his lower lips.

I-I-I-I-I’ve been bitten I’ve really been bitten!!! He almost bit my flesh right off it’s really because flesh on the face is the most tender part right!!????!

Gu Bai inadvertently let out a hissing sound, and the reality of being eaten hit him even harder.

But right afterwards, that tongue actually slid over his lower lip and straight into his mouth.

Gu Bai suddenly opened his eyes and he instinctively bit down on it with his teeth —— then someone pinched his chin to make it such that he couldn’t close his jaws at all.

Without waiting for him to react, that tongue stirred up chaos in his mouth — it licked across his teeth first before entwining it around Gu Bai’s tongue and ruthlessly twisted them together. He was being sucked on forcefully in an extremely fierce manner.

But no matter how fierce it was, it had still clearly and plainly declared that this was a kiss.

And it was a fucking french kiss too, a very lingering and overbearing french kiss.

Gu Bai blinked.

His first reaction was actually — this cannibal doesn’t have bad breath that’s so illogical!!

Qi Guanrui’s eyes were fixated upon Gu Bai’s face — the madness in his eyes was becoming more and more apparent.

And within that madness was an even stronger and persistent desire that was so intense it could frighten anyone.

He gnawed on Gu Bai’s lips and tongue agitatedly while his other hand had somehow rested on Gu Bai’s hips, then it began to knead his hip vigorously.

That kneading force was both strong and strangely vague as it possessed a * overtone — it was urgent, it was impatient, and it was impossible to resist.

Gu Bai, “……”

Hold on buddy, you’ve ran to the wrong place right?!

This is a stallion world that’s as straight as straight can be WAKE UP!!!!

Weren’t you just getting into the rhythm of eating me just now but now you’ve suddenly changed it to gaying it up with me?? This change of yours is too abrupt for me to adapt to hey!!

But of course Qi Guanrui didn’t ‘wake up’. In fact, his kiss turned even more ferocious, and it became even more wild.

It was as if he wanted to release all the pent up desire that he had accumulated in the past. This desire made him gnaw on Gu Bai’s lips and tongue vehemently as he probed around his moist mouth.

In the past, he had simulated such a scene countless number of times in his head, but none of them could match up to the present — it made him satisfied, it made him greedy, and it drove him crazy.

Qi Guanrui knew that Ziche Shubai was unwilling — there wasn’t a hint of the same kind of desire in his eyes.

This made Qi Guanrui feel a bit bitter, but it also stirred up an even more intense and stubborn possessive tendency within him.

If he’s unwilling……then I’ll tie him up until he is.

Ziche Shubai was his, and would only belong to him.

No one else…can covet him.

When he thought of this, Qi Guanrui slowly raised his head and parted with Gu Bai’s lips.

But because their kiss was too passionate, a long and thin strand of silver silk could be seen dangling in between their lips.

Gu Bai’s heart jumped.

This was too too too too much!!

After that, Qi Guanrui’s movements became even more unrestrained. He very naturally raised his hands and tore Gu Bai’s tunic apart.

It was if he was tearing a thin piece of paper that didn’t take much effort at all.

Note: The clothes worn by Heavenly Capital city’s city master are all custom-made from the inside to the outside — powerhouses below the Wujun level would not be able to destroy it easily, it was extremely expensive, and it was a necessity for this master on his travels.

Gu Bai’s face remained paralysed.

Ah fuck of course, the pervert’s strength had soared all the way up to the next realm.

He had a hunch that even if he wasn’t tied up, he wouldn’t be able to defeat this bastard!

Qi Guanrui tore his clothes apart another two more times and Gu Bai’s tunic had turned into shreds, then he threw them off the bed like they were trash.

Gu Bai felt a coolness envelop his body — he had suddenly become stark naked without a single thread of clothing left on his body.

Meanwhile, Qi Guanrui was smiling at him gently before he ripped his own clothes off.

The two of them faced each other with their naked bodies and couldn’t be any less up front with each other.

But Qi Guanrui’s body had never once left Gu Bai’s.

Both his legs were pressed against the left and right sides of Gu Bai. Without his clothes to cover him up, it was as if his body heat had permeated the entire room.

Especially that thing between his legs that all men have. Right now, it was firmly raising its head and stood ramrod straight as it faced Gu Bai.

Gu Bai had a very strong feeling that his chastity was in danger.

Perhaps all men had this kind of instinct — he had almost immediately lifted his leg to give it a good kick!

And the place he kicked was of course that evil thing!!

But Qi Guanrui merely gave him a faint smile and didn’t try to dodge.

Gu Bai applauded himself, nice kick! Smooth and clean without leaving any marks!!

But unfortunately, after he actually kicked the other person, he realised that what he kicked wasn’t that evil rod but the hand that Qi Guanrui had raised up very quickly.

Then after that, his leg was yanked away.

Qi Guanrui smiled, “Looks like Gege’s angry.”

As he spoke, he lifted Gu Bai’s leg up and placed it to his lips to give it a flirtatious lick.

Gu Bai gave a 囧 face.

Laozi hasn’t washed my feet you freaking pervert!!

But it seems like Qi Guanrui wasn’t disgusted at all. He maintained this posture as he picked up Gu Bai’s exquisite toes that looked like carved white jade and licked them one by one, as if he was tasting some kind of delicacy. He licked them very carefully, and didn’t let even a single one of them off.

The feeling of being licked up and down by a moist tongue made Gu Bai feel an extreme itch that emerged from his toes. It quickly spread to his spine and almost made his body tremble involuntarily.

Fuck!! Now I must struggle a little!!!

Gu Bai originally thought that he was going to get eaten, and since he had no strength to resist him, then he might as well cooperate with him so that he could die quickly and suffer less.

But he had never ever thought that he wasn’t going to get eaten, but that he was going to get “eaten”!!

His reflex arc suddenly shortened; Gu Bai decisively retracted his leg and his arms or something began to struggle.

……but the consequences of his actions were rather unsatisfactory.

When Gu Bai struggled, the chains on his limbs made clanging noises as they began to clatter — these sounds were light and pleasant to the ear and seemed to turn into a kind of background music.

Moreover, when these ringing noises accompanied the sound of bedsheets rubbing together during his struggles, it suddenly sounded a bit seductive.

He immediately stopped.

Gu Bai silently looked up.

Fuck! This pervert’s eyes turned red!——

You really couldn’t blame Qi Guanrui for being turned on so easily.

Those chains were black in colour and the sheets were darkly coloured too, yet on these dark-coloured bed sheets lay a perfect, naked body with extremely white skin; the wrists and ankles that were locked in chains contrasted with the chain’s blackness, and it even made them seem a little fragile.

And this perfect naked body was still moving and moving……while his leg that had been lifted up was also moving and moving……

This scenery……was truly beautiful.


Qi Guanrui placed Gu Bai’s feet aside. His whole body pushed forward and firmly pressed down on Gu Bai’s body.

At this time, Gu Bai’s legs were parted. His crotch was coincidentally in contact with Qi Guanrui’s fierce desire, and they were stuck close together in an intimate manner.

In this instant, the heat from that burning hot desire had burned its way into his heart.

Gu Bai’s face flushed red.

As a virgin for two lifetimes, he had never had such intimate contact with any man or woman.

And now his own thing was stuck this close to another man’s desire……

Qi Guanrui began to move slowly.

He used his scorching hot, hard object to grind against Gu Bai’s limp one. His eyes narrowed and a trace of enjoyment could be seen in his gaze.

This soft sensation……was similar to his, yet different.

But unexpectedly, it made him feel strangely……good.

A tiny, electrical current seemed to be produced with every in and out movement —— this was an almost hallucinatory kind of simulation, yet it made one unable to stop and desire for more.

Slowly, Gu Bai’s object was becoming harder too.

He panicked a little and began to move his body as he tried to escape.

In Qi Guanrui’s eyes, Gu Bai was just wriggling his body, which made his desire even more intense.

But even though this kind of wriggling did look very beautiful, it also made Qi Guanrui feel a little angry.

Does he hate me that much? We’ve already reached this point, yet he’s still trying to put up such pointless resistance……——

No, he can’t escape.

Qi Guanrui’s eyes suddenly turned into a pair of snake pupils.

He opened his mouth and spewed out a cloud of black mist which quickly penetrated through Gu Bai’s mouth and nose.

Gu Bai was depressed.

You fucking poisoned me!!

Immediately afterwards, he realised that he didn’t even have the strength to struggle anymore. As long as he tried to exert a little bit of strength, he would go limp, but if he didn’t do anything, he would recover his strength instantaneously.

What kind of high-end outlandish poison is this……it was waay too fucking intelligent ba!!!

Qi Guanrui’s movements became even more unbridled.

His crotch movements sped up, and he had only grinded against Gu Bai three to five more times before Gu Bai was thoroughly hard.

The intense heat rose up between the two of them……

Desire finally arose in Gu Bai’s body —— his x was cold, but apparently his yang x wasn’t.

Qi Guanrui seemed to be very satisfied. His whole body was laying on top of Gu Bai. While he rubbed his own hard object against Gu Bai’s, he hugged Gu Bai’s waist and patrolled his body vigorously. His lips and tongue kept gnawing all over Gu Bai’s body and had left behind a motley of marks wherever they passed.

As if he was patrolling his own territory.

A flame began to blaze brightly in Gu Bai’s mind; every place that Qi Guanrui touched felt like it would burn his entire body to ashes.

It made him feel like he was burning up in flames. His mind was in a whirl when he heard someone whisper into his ear:


Ge your ass you unfilial brother!!!

Gu Bai felt like he was being turned round and round by someone as that person kept biting and sucking on him constantly; the tingling sensation had spread through his whole body and even his scalp had gone numb.

His body got hotter and hotter, while the desire below his belly was rubbing him harder and harder; the pleasurable sensation was accumulating within his body and finally, at some kind of tipping point, it suddenly burst out!

It felt……kind of good.

Gu Bai thought so to himself a little groggily, then he was turned over once again.

Ah if he’s gonna turn me then turn me ba, he had already turned me over several times anyway……

But in the next moment, he felt a hard object press against his behind.

A hard object……wait a minute!

Gu Bai was instantly shocked awake as he suddenly understood his current situation.

But it was already too late. He only heard a sound akin to splitting silk before he was thoroughly penetrated by a scorching hot object!

Gu Bai wanted to cry. In his slow-witted mind, he suddenly sang a song:

“Chrysanthemum disabled, injuries everywhere……”

No! Freaking! Lube!

May I ask if you have any lube hello?!?!


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  1. Bambam Blue says:

    Seeing this makes me curious!😆

    Hope you take it, but you have so many chapters of your project that must be completed.

    I will only hope someone takes it.

    Or I will become a curious ghost! Lol what will happen next?! Tbc at the wrong time!! 😥😥

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  2. lazucifer says:

    [ML’s all like omg I have imprinted on you]. Asflakjsf;lafjs that really just how it be lol, be nice to a child, get an obsessed black bellied gong.

    This MC is hilarious. He reminds me of the MC of Let Me Tease You or Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me, lol. I hope he gets to tell ML that lube is a thing, heh.

    Hopefully someone picks it up aaaaah.

    Thanks for the teaser!

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  3. Nevaeh says:

    Yo this kinda reminds me of the smut scene in Please Don’t Eat Me! The shou MC’s both have the same experience of thinking they are going to be eaten but getting “eaten” instead!

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    Lmfao I love the little song he sang about having no lube (and no perpetration) to ease the pain 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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