SD has been moved!

Hi all, Now Seizing Dreams has been moved to Chrysanthemum Gardens too! I'll be uploading all future chaps for SD on CG from now on so I'll see you guys there 🙂 Also, SD 18 is up on CG!

New Project!

Hi all! First off, I'd like to say that I was honestly not planning on starting a new project because I didn't know if I could cope, but I changed my mind recently because I!!! LOVE!!!! THIS!!! NOVEL!!!!!!!! And also because it has an audio drama!!!!! So without further ado, I'd like to introduce my … Continue reading New Project!


He Nuo shifted slightly. He had just taken a step forward when he retracted his foot in midair. Not long ago, he had just returned from school. Today was the last day of waiting, and his last chance, which meant that his first choice had gone up in smoke. What next? Accept the allocation? He … Continue reading PSWOL 106


He Nuo stood in front of the window. Shi Yan watched his body tremble as he was trying to suppress it with all his might. Shi Yan walked up behind He Nuo and stretched his arms out as he wanted to put his arms around his beloved. “Don’t touch me.” It was as if He … Continue reading PSWOL 105


Shi Yan finally conquered his disease and fended off his high fever. In the end, the doctors could only classify it as a bacterial infection that was caused by some natural calamity; because this year, the entire nation was fighting off floods, rescuing people and providing disaster relief, so they traced his inexplicable symptoms to … Continue reading PSWOL 104


For the next few days, Shi Yan didn’t see He Nuo again. Wang Feng and Qiu Linsong both have a huge bone to pick with He Nuo. They thought that He Nuo was being way too arrogant, how could he be a friend like that? It’s not as if Shi Yan had killed his father … Continue reading PSWOL 103